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Tuesday, July 1, 2008
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Love Situations #138 "Tsundere 65"
(Story Arc: Tsundere)

Comic Strip

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"Tsundere 65" by Akira

I was extremely busy starting April. I wasn't able to do anything except work. Now my life is back to normal (a little bit) and I should be able to work on the comic strips again. Sorry about the long delay. I'll finish inking the page tonight. I wanted to upload the unfinished page as fast as possible, because I wanted to talk about the problem I'm having these days.

Fuitadnet Problem

As you know, I had my TC website hosted on Fuitadnet for several years, and I didn't have any complaint and it was great. Early this year I switched to Sakura server in Japan, since Fuitadnet's service was little too expensive to continue (also Fuitadnet's service deteriorated last year by shifting from CPanel to WebOS). After the move, I sent an e-mail expressing my wish to quit Fuitadnet's Platinum hosting plan. I didn't get any reply, but thought my request was granted.

Last month when I checked my credit fees, I noticed Fuitadnet kept withdrawing the hosting fee for months. I began to send e-mails to Fuitadnet for days now, but Fuitadnet keeps ignoring me. I'm beginning to fear Fuitadnet will keep ignoring my request and will keep withdrawing money for nothing. Is there any way to get hold of them and quit the service once and for all?

Any comment or suggestion will be helpful.

Please write your comment to this strip at pOnju forum

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008
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Thursday, July 3, 2008
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  • Stick Posters for Ugo-machi - A man who loves and organizes the festival at Ugo-machi (Akira prefecture) decided to use illustration posters for promotion. He negotiated with the CG artists and 16 stick posters were created. These posters will be sold at stores from tomorrow. This event got some attention and became a news too. Using bishoujo illustrations for promotion is getting some attention these days. The most famous one might be

Friday, July 4, 2008
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  • Weapon Generator - This web program creates a weapon from name. 'Akira', for example, creates a sword with attack level of 15... 'Hasegawa' sword looks cooler, but it only has attack level of 4... It is quite cool.

  • Nausicaa With Ace Combat 6 OP - Very cool MAD movie which make you want to see the movie again.

Saturday, July 5, 2008
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Sunday, July 6, 2008
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Monday, July 7, 2008
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  • FF6 FMA OP - Full Metal Archemist OP with FF6 characters all hand-drawn.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008
"Fuitadnet Problem" by Akira

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. I tried contacting, but I got no reply... So I contacted my credit card company and canceled my credit card which was used for paying server fee. I think cancelation will be processed very soon, so finally this problem is fixed. I'm quite relieved... Platinum plan costed me $40 per month and I payed extract six months which totals to $240. I wish I checked my credit card payments sooner...

When I clicked on Fuitadnet link, it redirects to "GreatValueHost.com"... Does this mean Fuitadnet is gone now?

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Thursday, July 10, 2008
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Friday, July 11, 2008
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Saturday, July 12, 2008
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  • Windows XP - Boing Edition - I think I showed the link with Windows XP youtube before, but there was another edition... ^_^; I don't know what to comment about this.

Sunday, July 13, 2008
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008
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Thursday, July 17, 2008
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Friday, July 18, 2008
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Saturday, July 19, 2008
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  • White Saber - This one comes with new PS2 game 'Fate/unlimited codes' limited version.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008
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Friday, October 17, 2008
"Totaku's Illustration: Touhou: Yukari, Chen and Ran." by Totaku

Guess I'm a bit slow on the updates here. ^^; but want to keep things a little busy so that everyone knows this place isn't out of the picture yet. I'm going to keep this one short and sweet though.

Basiclly, I've been doing another illustration piece from the Touhou series and deicided this time to do it on another of my favorite cast members; The Yakumos. In otherwords, Yukari, Chen and Ran. Anyone who has followed the Touhou series know that Yukari is one of the most important figures in the series in general as she is the youkai of the borders. And she has always been protrayed as sort of enigmatic in personallity but yet has been a key role though Gensokyo's history and has aided Reimu serveral times in the process. No one really knows much about her though except for her abilities allow her to bend the borders to just about anything. So she can defy any natural logic and even travel to and from Gensokyo to the outside world as she pleases. Other than that she tends to be lazy by nature as she goes to sleep most of the time and leave the work to her Shikigami, Ran and Chen, to do. Ran of course is a Kitsune and she's usuallly left taking care of Yukari's work while Chen is the Nekomata who is more childish and carefree and usually does her own things.

Other than that, this piece took me longer to put together because of other work that kept getting in the way thus I got overall it was delayed for several months. So I can't give the actual time. Finally, I would like to say if you want to give some feed back you can always visit my my DA site or make a topic to talk about my art. Other than that I'm also getting ready to toss up so more design work in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled.

Till Nexy time....
Ja Matta. ^_^

Thursday, January 1, 2009
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009
"Touhou fanimation by MAIKAZE" by Totaku

Greetings everyone,

Yes, it me Totaku once again back after hearing word from Konstantin and another friend of mine that Akira Hasegawa has returned even if it was only brief. And I though that since Akira deicded to bring up a fanmade doujin animation I would go ahead and give you a review of mine.

As you may know, just around the end of the year, Comiket opened up for three days in Japan, and it's known as one of the leading conventions where all the doujin artist get together to sell thier fanmade works to fans and those that are interested. And I thought I'd write up my view on a recent fanmade animation that came out recently from comiket. (I bet you all know what I'm about to talk about.

Recently I saw an fanimation done by a doujin group called Maikaze. Who is a small group of mostly college students who's released small trailers and soundtracks up on Touhou releated matieral up until recently. Just at around the time of Comiket, Maikaze announced about thier animation they have been working on for roughly two years known now as the Touhou fan animation project, "A Midsummer's Day Dream"

Being an attendant of the Shirnemaiden forum, I've also learned that one of Maikaze's staff members actually attends our board and speak very good English so we actually had some good in depth info about the animation.

Being a Touhou fan, I know I was quite excited about this and now I would like to give you all some info regarding about it....

First off, what really grabbed my eye about this was the fact that these college students somehow managed to round up a pretty good "All-star Seiyuu" cast which is a rare thing to see happen in a doujin animation. I'll list them below for you:

Mai Nakahara as Reimu Hakurei
Miyuki Sawashiro as Marisa Kirisame
Ayumi Fujimura as Aya Shameimaru
Mikako Takahashi as Patchouli Knowledge
Rei Tanaka as Sakuya Izayoi
Ayumi Tsuji as Remilia Scarlet
Aki Toyosaki as Suika Ibuki
??? as Hong Meiling (And no this is not a joke.....the Seiyuu is not revealed. :P
Kikuko Inoue as the Narroator

This brought the attention of several anime communities despite the fact that it was a doujin piece, and cause sort of a hype around certain areas. This of course also caused ZUN (the creator of the Touhou series) to make a stand to remind everyone not to think of this animation as offical and stated that he want to make sure that the people who become fans of Touhou play his game and not just for the fanimation. He also layed down some rules for future Touhou fanmade material as well. But I'm not going to cover all that, cause it's a whole other story....

Despite it's somewhat controversial hype, it would manage to come out. And from what I heard from the stories, the fanimation sold out by the first hour. And won't be avaliable for purchase till it's out at doujin stores.

However, Maikaze did manage to also post it up on Nicovideo(yes, they actually posted thier piece there) to be viewed at there for a limited period of time. But that's not all....

I managed with some help from a friend of mine get ahold of the fanimation and have to say one thing from seeing it....I am astonished with effort these guys did with this animation. It far exceeds thier trailers they posted up along time ago and for only a 17 minute piece, it's worth it's time as a Touhou fan.

If your not familar or into Touhou though, you might not exactly enjoy it to the fullest extent unless you like odd story plots and simple laid back atmospheres.....

But of your are a fan, you'll have quite a laugh with it and probably enjoy the refferences and effect and the effort these guys have done.

Without spoiling too much, the plot is sort of simple, Reimu is busy preparing for a festival at her shrine one day with Suika's help when she finds out that her donation box has gone missing. So in a panic, she was not sure what to do, until Aya shows up and questions her on the events that happen and then zooms off to get Marisa and start an investigation to find out where the donation box was taken, and using Aya's leads, they head to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

While the animation isn't exactly pro level, it is still very good for a doujin animation and is very well done as it comes very close to matching animation company levels. The backgrounds are beautifully done, and the charaters designs while simple, work with the atmosphere, and have this ZUNish appeal to them making it nice for the animation. The small amount of action we get while short, was actually very sweet and well exectued. There is not alot of music in it, so it's difficult to judge in that feild. However, the one major issue I had was one seiyuu, I felt Miyuki didn't quite capture, Marisa's typical brash behavior and made her sound too laid back. Other than that, the rest are nicely done.

Overall, for a doujin animation, it's very nice, and far better than I expected. Course I could only recommend it to fans that play Touhou. Anyone one else, might not like it as much, but there is still a possibility you might, so feel free to dig in! And if you like it, I highly reccomend buying this animation, I mean, to my view, these college students deserve it, especially if you want them to keep using those seiyuu's for future episodes.

I'll end it here for now....I hope you have a good new year, and here's hoping to you Akira you have time to work on the comics!

- Totaku