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Monday, December 26, 2005
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Experimental Comic Kotone #429 "Alex's Love 1"

Comic Strip

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"Alex's Love 1" by Akira

I just wanted to draw cute Alex. That is what this comic is all about. One of Alex panels is referenced from "Mahoraba" manga. If you can tell which panel I copied referenced from, you're quite a "Mahoraba" lover. Kotone is wearing Shuffle's school uniform. I think that uniform is extremely cute.

I went to see Tokyo Station to see "Millenario" together with father and mother. It was pretty cool, but we came home around 22:30 or so. I started working on this comic strip from midnight. I was really tired when I came home, but when I finished this page I was exhausted.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
"Happy Holiday" by Konstantin

Hope everyone's enjoying their holidays! I'm spending the week's break with family friends in New York, so I'll keep it brief since I'm writing this on someone else's computer.

I grew up in the suburbs of New York (immigrated there from Russia when I was 11), but only visited the City a couple of times since my parents moved to Europe a few of years ago, so it's particularly nice to revisit all my old haunts. The Kinokuniya next to the Rockefeller Center where I bought a good chunk of my untranslated manga (too bad they closed down the Asahiya book store next to Grand Central), the underground shopping center in Chinatown where I got a cabinet's worth of fansub tapes (always thought it was amusing that there were stores happily selling bootleg VCDs right across the street from the local police station), and the little Japanese restaurant right next to where I did one of my summer internships in midtown that got me forever hooked on yakisoba and gyudon. The sort of things one grows to miss while living in Pittsburgh, which doesn't even have anything vaguely resembling a Chinatown. Amid all the friends of the family and distant relatives who seem to be even more concerned with my (lack of) love life than I am, and all the holiday gorging, it's nice to still have the opportunity to get my geek on. ^^

Happy upcoming New Year, everyone!