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Friday, December 16, 2005
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Love Situations #10 "Su-Cool 10"
(Story Arc: Su-Cool)

Comic Strip

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"Su-Cool 10" by Akira

I'll work little bit more on this page (both drawing and dialog), but right now I need to go sleep... It's 6:20 am in the morning...

There are other terms for "Su-Cool".

  • Sunao Cool = As I said before, "Sunao" means honest.
  • Suna-Coo = abbreviation of "Sunao Cool".
  • Cool Dere = "Dere" means "in love love situation mode".
  • Coo-Dere = abbreviation of "Cool Dere".
I wonder if I should put a hyphen '-' between "Su" and "Cool". At the official site, it was written "sucool", but I kind of added a hyphen when I wrote in english. I'm wondering if I should have added or not. I wonder what is the official use of hyphen in English... Hmm...

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Saturday, December 17, 2005
"Saturday Night Rant #5" by Akira

Nothing much happened this week... I was pretty busy with job and comic strip.

This week I bought:

OP movies of Bishoujo games I like:

Although games are 18+, these OP movies are viewable by all audiences and are very impressive. I usually download game movies and trials from WindFriction. The server is fast in Japan, but I'm not sure it is fast from US... Anyway, I recommend downloading from WindFriction than from official game websites I linked. Since most people can't read Japanese, try getting the files by file name and size. Enjoy.

Interesting Links (in Japanese):

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