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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
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Experimental Comic Kotone #419 "Time Paradox"

Comic Strip

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"Time Paradox" by Akira

It is extremely easy to make an anachronism mistake in comic, just like today's strip. If my memory is correct, ExCoKo is still happening in year 2001 (from end of May->beginning of December). The pacing of comic is equal to or worser than "Hayate no Gotoku" which December to January (two months?) took a whole year (Congratulations, Mr. Hata, for one year anniversary of "Hayate no Gotoku"!!!)... I need to be careful like Ai Yazawa's "Nana" where main characters are still using old cell phones (some very antique) without camera functions, because the story is taking place in year 2001 too (I think) ^^;

I want to get hold of "iPod nano", but I don't think I will... I have an old 40GB iPod and I'll use it until it breaks down (it's my motto). Recent comic strips have been making fun of myself. I need to start rolling on the main story arch soon... ^^;

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Thursday, October 13, 2005
"Black Cat and Clairvoyance" by Totaku

Today, I thought I'd discuss about a few more things that have come up recently over the week. First off, I wanted to point out about another anime that came on the fall line up that has captured my interest.

The title of this anime is called Black Cat While I'm haven't exactly had much of a chance to see the manga, what I have seen of it looked quite nicely done for an action orianted Shounen title.

The story itself focuses on a young man named Train who is an ex-assassin that was actually belived to be killed, but turns out to be working as a bounty hunter along with his partner Sevn. Along thier journey, they end up meeting up with a cunning female thief named Rinslet (mmmm...the team up here sounds familar) and a nanomachine girl named Eve. (all it's missing is a dog). Also when the orginazation that Train find out he not dead, one of Train's partners from the orginaization come out with plans of his own. (ok, so it does seem a bit like what I was thinking, but nevermind, I like the art style. ^^)

The anime itself debuted not too long ago in Japan, from what I heard from some people, it's starting off a little bit different from the manga. Hopefully, I have high expectation for the anime epseically since it was once part of Shounen Jump for 4 years.

Also expect the Black Cat manga to come out here in the US beginning of next year around March.

Also I thought that today, I'd share you all with an intrest I have in as I sure the web, Flash. I have a liking to flash films especially those that come from Japan. I like some of the interesting high quality ones so to speak. So I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to share you a few sites every few weeks to let you in on some of the cool sites that got some nice flashes.

The first flash I'm going to show for this week is Clairvoyance, a 2ch supporting site. Unlike most 2ch flash support sites. This person here seems to carry an intrest in creating nice piece of work with some hint of character development with his flashes, plus he has some Final Fantasy parody flash games. ^^

Anyways, to explain why he's special, one of the few flashes Clairvoyance is really famous for is the Nightmare City Series. This series is a quick action paced flash that mainly deals with Giko and Shii (the yellow and pink cat) confronted in this nightmarish city where it seems everyone creep is out to get them. with only the help of a few compainions in aid they fight off againsts the evil forces that chase after them. But Giko and Shii end up confronting foe that refuses to quit till they are both killed, Morara. and from there..well...you sort of have to look at it yourself. ^^;;; It's nt very plt driven, but it's beatiful to look at. ^^ Also, the music choice is treriffic for this one here as well. (403 Forbiddnea).

Here are the links to the Nightmare City series

Nightmare City
Nightmare City:Catastrophe

And that should abou do it for the everything I plan to show off for this week, until next time.....
Ja matta ^_^