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Saturday, February 5, 2005
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Program #5 "Nearest Line Test"

Comic Strip

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"Nearest Line Test" by Akira

Today's applet Look for the nearest path/distance between a curved line and a point. It will be used over and over again later to fit a Bezier curve (with two control points or more) to drawn points. The first step of "drawing application" is to draw beautiful curves/lines. And experiments/programs so far are necessary tools to judge how well lines/curves are drawn.

I noticed many people are confused with terms "Java" and "JavaScript". Well... "Java" and "JavaScript" are totally different programing languages. I don't know why they named it "JavaScript"... Syntax is little similar, but other than that, everything is so different (reference). I've been using JavaScript for my script site, but currently I'm writing all these drawing programs in Java.