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Wednesday, May 22, 2002
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Parody Strip #8 "Peaceful Vacation"
(Story Arc: Detective Conan)

Comic Strip

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"Rants" by Akira

Detective Conan is one of the most popular anime/manga series in Japan. But I assume most readers haven't heard this series, sicne it's not that popular outside Asia. "Kudo Shinchi" was a kick ass high school detective. He solved many difficult unsolved crimes and was a very famous detective. One day, Shinichi became an elementary school boy "Conan" by the poison from black coated guys (from mysterious underground group). He has to find and capture these bad guys and also needs to find a medicine to transform back.

This is true for all detective animes/mangas, but everywhere main characters go, there are murders, mysteries, and a lot of actions. Even if they goes for vacation, there are dead bodies on beach or tree. When they visit their old friends, they are already dead. If they go to bank, bank robber jump in. There is something wrong with these main characters!