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Thursday, November 29, 2001
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Experimental Comic Kotone #44 "Wake Up, Onii-chan! Part 1"
(Story Arc: Wake Up, Onii-chan!)

Comic Strip

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"Rants" by Akira

This is the only fortunate morning for Onii-chan. Other three will be hell for him (hehehe - evil laugh). It seems like Onii-chan is very slow in morning. He always have problem waking up. I think that trait was destined for main character in Love Simulation Game... Always old neighborhood friend (girl) wake him up for school... It must be in their genes...

A fox stuffed animal which Kotone is holding is the fox bought by Onii-chan in comic strip Kotone-chan. His name is "Kon-chan" and I actually own him too. He is really really cute. Anyway, Kotone likes cute stuffed animals so I'm thinking of introducing more of mine.

A fox cries "Kon Kon" in Japanese. So if you add "-chan", it becomes a cute nick name for fox. Same goes for dog. Dogs barks "Wan Wan", so "Wan-chan" means dog too. I tried to think of other examples but I can only come up with "Chu-chan (mouse)" or "Kero-chan (frog)". A cat cries "nyaa nyaa", or "myaa myaa", but "nyaa-chan" or "myaa-chan" doesn't sound right. The only cute name I can come up with is "Mii-ko" (it's not official, but it sounds very cute). "-ko" is used a lot for Japanese female name - e.g. "Hiroko" and "Tomoko".

"Piyo-chan (baby chicken)", "Gaa-chan (duck)", "Moo-chan (cow)", "Mee-chan (sheep)"... It doesn't sound right...